Viral video shows nursing home worker forcing elderly women to sleep by throwing her into bed

A video sent into us by a Facebook user shows a nursing home worker being very rude and abusive towards an elderly lady. In the video it starts out with a women forcefully putting on the elderly lady’s sleeping gown. The elderly lad then goes on to say she does not want to go to sleep right now, that is when the workers grabs her by the head and throws her into bed. The elderly in shock says “are you crazy?”. The worker quickly responds with “Yes i am crazy!!!!!!” then disrespectfully turns of the lights and goes out the door. We suspect the individual recording the video is in on this abusive behavior because she rudely says bye at the end of the video like she is perfectly okay with what just happen, in fact it sounded like she found it funny. This video has just surfaced and we are the very first to upload it on social media we would appreciate if you shared this so we can find the individuals responsible for this cruel act!!


Full video :


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