Our Services

We help influencers and brands of all sizes to increase visibility on social media, drive more traffic to other channels, and help them generate incredible revenue with there following.

Video Licensing

Over 60 Million In Account Followers

We own and manage a social media audience of over 60 Million that we share our videos on everyday

Strong Relations

We have strong, working relationships with Celebrities, broadcasters, producers, and other media professionals throughout the world.

Turn your video into cash

It's 2019 video content is taking over the internet, and people are making millions! Submit your video today for a chance to turn your video into real cash!

Social media management and social revenue specialist

Let the pro's take charge!

We at viral audience have been monetizing social media followings for over seven years now! We know the most efficient and newest ways to generate money with your following!

Don't spam your following

We have seen many brands and influencers spamming there audience with irrelevant ads, products, and promotions to try to milk as much money as they can. In the long term, this can be really bad for your brand! We don't believe in spamming we monetize our followings without them even really knowing that we are!

Page growth

At the same time, we are monetizing your following we also are extremely good at growing a following! We have been growing massive audience's in many different niches since 2012! All our clients following grows while we are helping them monetize! Most of our clients following grow %70 more weekly than they did before signing up with us.

Content is key

Content Content Content! It's all about the right content! We are experts on viral content! We have a catalog of videos ready to help you grow your brand or page!

Out with the old, in with the new

What was working six months ago might not be working today. The reason we are still running strong after so many years is we know when its time to try new things! We are always ahead of the curve when it comes to the most efficient ways to generate revenue with your following!

Viral Marketing

60m+ Network Audience

We at Viral audience have a reach of over 100 Million. If you are looking to get more exposure you have definitely came to the right place!!

Viral Content Strategy's

You show us your video you want to be promoted and our team will tell you the best and most creative/efficient way to get it to go viral. We have been making content go viral on the internet for over seven years now. Our strategies never fail us

Page Insights And Shares

Viral audience does not provide all of our partner's page links on our website for security and Facebook guideline purposes. We do however provide you links to each page that shared your video after your video has been shared. If requested, we can provide insights/reach from each page shared post.


This part of our services is set to end soon. We are only accepting certian brands at the moment. Contact Partnerships@Viralaudience.com for more info